About Us

We aim to serve all over Turkey with our company, which was founded by a professional mariner who completed his academic maritime training, devoted his years to the sea, and worked as an engineer on oceangoing ships.

Customer satisfaction is a general principle of our customer service ,

we offer you personalized solutions for all the needs that may arise.

Mai Marine, which has matured in knowledge, experience and practice in the field of maritime over the years, is a company integrated with the most accurate and practical information. In this way, it has knowledge, equipment and experience in every aspect, from chain to rope, from engine checks to condition control, from antifouling paint to gelcoat application, from boat cleaning to wax polish application.

In order for you to cruise comfortably and safely with your boat, you can get service from our team that produces solutions for all the works your boat needs and completes their work without any problems.

We are ready to offer you permanent solutions and to be your companion in all our services.