It provides maintenance, repair, accessory, material supply services for marine vehicles within its own structure and together with its suppliers.

Anchorage and Berthing

There are materials and equipment used during mooring and berthing for boats and yachts. It is important to always use safety and the right materials in shipping. The anchor for anchoring of a boat (Anchor), the chain, the swivel that provides the chain-anchor connection which is the intermediate link equipment, the additional chain link, the windlass, the capstan control are among the main ones. As a berthing kit; fenders, seat ropes, hand thins.

Engine Maintenance Repair

Marine boat engine maintenance and repair should be done on time. When it is postponed at the end of the season, the acid accumulated in the oils causes damage as long as it remains in it. Mainly checked or replaced equipment in engine maintenance; fuel filter, separ filter, air filter, oil by-pass filter, impeller kit, engine oil, oil filter and anodes. The closed circuit fresh water circuit of the boat engine is emptied and antifreeze is added. Engine mounts, clamps, hoses, electrical circuits are checked.

Boat Maintenance & Repair

Boat maintenance and repair operations should be done using appropriate materials. Antifouling, gelcoat repair affects the performance and handling of boats. General cleaning of the inside and outside of the boat should be done regularly. Antifouling paint application has many technical tricks. During the antifouling paint processes on boats, the utmost attention is paid to issues such as the proper laying of the primers and the waiting times.

Boat Transfer

Boat transfer transportation operations should be carried out with a professional team in accordance with the rules. It is possible to transfer boats and other marine vehicles from the sea or land to the desired marina. In the meantime, there are rules that must be observed during the boat landing and throwing operations. You can do it with Mai Marine, who takes the responsibility of transporting the sea vehicles, loading and transferring them without any damage.

Onboard Equipment

Onboard equipment provides ‘life comfort’ on board. The cooling and heating systems required for a boat or yacht while at sea during the cruise come first. Boat upholstery, curtains, carpets, furniture and seat cushions are offered by Shipshock with material quality and special designs for comfortable use. Shipshock has solutions for all boats/sailboats and all interior complementary equipment.

Outboard Equipment

Onboard equipment comes first among the services that provide comfort and convenience to the boat owner as well as affecting the stance and aesthetics of the boat. It is among the jobs that require complete professionalism in terms of workmanship. Services include bimini, deck lining, seating and sunbathing mats, tarpaulin and cape, railing and covering. It should not cause the boat to become unsafe while cruising while the external equipment services are performed.

Ship Electrical Systems

Ships, of which electrical system is planned and built, are important in terms of comfort and safety. The electrical system on the boat is important for the correct application of the requirements of the regulation on preventing collisions at sea, where maritime rules such as capstan/anchor control and navigation lights are written. In addition, services such as boat interior lighting, underwater lighting, projector are included in the field of electrical systems on the boat. In general, the basic elements that provide energy on the boat are the connection taken by the shore connection, the battery, the generator, the solar panel, the batteries, the alternator.

Condition Check

Condition control studies are carried out to determine the general condition of the boat. Thanks to this detailed control, the best price is determined by comparing it with similar boats in the market and taking into account the current condition and costs of the yacht, you will be able to avoid all the costs that you may encounter in the future and the dangerous or in some cases life-threatening problems you may experience at sea, as well as the opportunity to negotiate with the seller, what needs to be done It will be listed when you buy the yacht.

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